David Bolduc.


Adirondack (Drama / Adventure)

6 million acres of wilderness, 5 million dollars, 4 dreams, 3 opposing ideologies, 2 guns, 1 secret, 1 long kiss, 1 life changing adventure.

Rebel (Drama- Based on True Events)

Izzy Eichenstein grew up in the psychadelic 60’s with athletic talents that would surely land him in the big leagues. The only problem is that his family is from a 200-year-old Hasidic dynasty and Izzy is heir to the throne.  Follow Izzy’s heartfelt journey as he tries “escape” the confines of his strict religious culture to pursue his dreams at the expense of never seeing his family again.

BSC (Drama- Based on True Events)

A riveting, true account of the last three days of financial behemoth, Bear Stearns, and the men that tried to save her.

Walt and Pepper (Romantic Comedy)

Walt is from Watts, Pepper is from Bell Aire but sparks fly when Walt is caught stealing his own painting from Pepper’s art gallery.

Batter Up! (Family Drama- Short Film)

A special-needs little leaguer gets his day in the sun.

TV Series (Original)

No Sweat (dramedy for cable)

Anything goes and nothing is sacred at this fancy health club in an affluent Southern California beach community.

The Jesus Chronicles (comedy for cable)

The undocumented years of the most popular figure that ever lived.